Friday, 23 September 2016 14:38

SUICIDAL ANGELS: "Εternally to Suffer" (playthrough video)

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    SUICIDAL ANGELS: "Εternally to Suffer" (playthrough video)

    Οι Έλληνες thrash metallers Suicidal Angels, κυκλοφόρησαν τον νέο τους δίσκο "Division of Blood" στις 27 Μαΐου μέσω της NoiseArt Records.

    Δημοσιοποίησαν playthrough video για το κομμάτι "Eternally to Suffer". Δείτε το παρακάτω.

    "Division of Blood" tracklisting:

    01. “Capital Of War”
    02. “Division Of Blood”
    03. “Eternally To Suffer”
    04. “Image Of The Serpent”
    05. “Set The Cities On Fire”
    06. “Frontgate”
    07. “Bullet In A Chamber”
    08. “Cold Blood Murder”
    09. “Of Thy Shall Bring The Light”